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FTB Utilities 1.12.2 所有权限 all_permissions.html

只在老版本会生成 all_permissions.html 这个文件,这里做一个记录,因为这个用起来还是挺方便的。


Node Type Player OP Info (Mouse over for variants)
admin_panel.ftbutilities.crash_reports.delete bool false true

Allow to delete crash reports, requires admin_panel.ftbutilities.crash_reports.view

admin_panel.ftbutilities.crash_reports.view bool false true

Allow to view crash reports via Admin Panel

admin_panel.ftbutilities.edit_world.gamerules bool false true

Allow to edit gamerules via Admin Panel

command bool false true

Permission for commands, if FTBUtilities command overriding is enabled. If not, this node will be inactive

ftbutilities.afk.timer timer 0s

AFK Timer

ftbutilities.back.cooldown timer 3m 0s

/back Cooldown Timer

ftbutilities.back.infinite bool false

Allow to use 'back' command infinite times

ftbutilities.back.warmup timer 5s 0s

/back Warmup Timer

ftbutilities.badge string ""

Badge string "<{name}>" "<&2{name}&r>" bool false true

Allow to use formatting codes in nickname, requires bool false true

Allow to change nickname bool true

Controls if player is muted or not enum white

Chat Text Color

ftbutilities.chunkloader.load_offline bool true

Keep loaded chunks working when player goes offline

ftbutilities.chunkloader.max_chunks int 50 64

Max Loadable Chunks bool false true

Allow to attack animals in claimed chunks bool false true

Permission for blocks that players can break and place within claimed chunks bool false true

Permission for blocks that players can right-click within claimed chunks bool true bool true bool true bool true bool true bool true bool true bool true bool true bool true bool true bool true bool true bool true bool true bool true bool true bool true bool true bool true bool true bool true bool true bool true bool true bool true bool true bool true bool true bool true bool true bool true bool true bool true bool true bool true bool true bool true bool true bool true bool true bool true bool true bool true bool true bool true bool true bool true bool true bool true bool true bool true bool true bool true bool true bool true bool true bool true bool true bool true bool false

Allow to bypass claiming and loading limits bool true

Permission for items that players can right-click in air within claimed chunks bool false true bool false true bool false true bool false true bool false true bool false true bool false true bool false true int 100 1000

Max Claimable Chunks

ftbutilities.display.admin_info bool false true

Display 'Admin' in Server Info timer 5m 0s

/home Cooldown Timer bool true

Can use /home to teleport to/from another dimension int 1 100

Max Homes timer 5s 0s

/home Warmup Timer

ftbutilities.leaderboard bool true

Permission for leaderboards that players can view bool false true

Allow player to claim other team chunks bool false true

Allow player to load other team chunks bool false true

Allow player to see info of other team chunks bool false true

Allow player to unclaim other team chunks bool false true

Allow player to unload other team chunks

ftbutilities.other_player.heal bool false true

Allow to heal other players bool false true

Allow to list other people homes bool false true

Allow to teleport to other people homes

ftbutilities.rtp.cooldown timer 10m 0s


ftbutilities.rtp.warmup timer 5s 0s


ftbutilities.spawn.cooldown timer 1m 0s

/spawn Cooldown Timer

ftbutilities.spawn.warmup timer 5s 0s

/spawn Warmup Timer

ftbutilities.tpa.cooldown timer 3m 0s

/tpa Cooldown Timer

ftbutilities.tpa.cross_dim bool true

Can use /tpa to teleport to/from another dimension

ftbutilities.tpa.warmup timer 5s 0s

/tpa Warmup Timer

ftbutilities.warps.cooldown timer 1m 0s

/warp Cooldown Timer

ftbutilities.warps.warmup timer 5s 0s

/warp Warmup Timer


Available command nodes Usage
command.additionalpipes.additionalpipes Usage: /additionalpipes teleport <items|fluids|power>
command.advancedrocketry.advancedrocketry advancedRocketry help
command.advancement /advancement <grant|revoke|test> <player>
command.applecore.hunger /hunger [player] <value>
command.appliedenergistics2.ae2 Commands provided by Applied Energistics 2 - use /ae2 list for a list, and /ae2 help _____ for help with a command.
command.astralsorcery.astralsorcery /astralsorcery <action> [player] [arguments...]
command.autoverse.autoverse-loadconfigs /autoverse-loadconfigs
command.backpacks16840.backpack /backpack <open|bind|unbind|equip|unequip|permissions>. Defaults to open.
command.ban /ban <name> [reason ...]
command.ban-ip /ban-ip <address|name> [reason ...]
command.banlist /banlist [ips|players]
command.baubles.baubles /baubles <action> [<player> [<params>]]
command.bdlib.dumpregistry dumpregistry
command.bdlib.oredistribution /oredistribution <radius> [<min height>] [<max height>] [--file]
command.bedbugs.bedbugs /bedbugs kick [player]
command.betterbuilderswands.wandoops /wandOops
command.betterquesting.bq_admin /bq_admin edit [true|false], /bq_admin hardcore [true|false], /bq_admin reset [all|<quest_id>] [username|uuid], /bq_admin complete <quest_id> [username|uuid], /bq_admin delete [all|<quest_id>], /bq_admin default [save|load|set] [file_name], /bq_admin lives [add|set|max|default] <value> [username|uuid]
command.betterquesting.bq_user /bq_user help, /bq_user refresh, /bq_user hardcore
command.biomesoplenty.biomesoplenty /biomesoplenty <tpbiome|biomename|stripchunk> [args]
command.biometweaker.btinfo /btinfo
command.biometweaker.btlistbiomes /btlistbiomes
command.biometweaker.btoutput /btoutput
command.biometweaker.btreload /btreload
command.biometweaker.btreloadscript /btreloadscript <script file>
command.biometweaker.btsetbiome /btsetbiome <biome id|name> <radius> (block|chunk)
command.blockdata /blockdata <x> <y> <z> <dataTag>
command.botania.botania-open <entry>
command.botania.botania-share <entry>
command.bq_standard.bqs_advancement_dump /bqs_advancement_dump
command.bq_standard.bqs_loot /bqs_loot default [save|load], /bqs_loot delete [all|<loot_id>]
command.buildcraftlib.buildcraft.reload command.buildcraft.reload
command.caliper.caliper.count /caliper count entity|tile|ticktile|chunk
command.caliper.caliper.recipe /caliper recipe book|bookall|normal|normalall /caliper tp <player> <dimension>
command.caliper.caliper.tps /caliper tps
command.carryon.carryon /carryon <mode>
command.carryon.reloadscripts /reloadscripts
command.clear /clear [player] [item] [data] [maxCount] [dataTag]
command.clone /clone <x1> <y1> <z1> <x2> <y2> <z2> <x> <y> <z> [maskMode] [cloneMode]
command.cofhcore.cofh /cofh help
command.cofhworld.cofhworld.list Lists all CoFHWorld features
command.cofhworld.cofhworld.reload Reloads CoFHWorld configuration
command.cofhworld.cofhworld.version cofhworld.version.usage
command.compactmachines3.compactmachines3 /compactmachines3 [subcommand, leave empty for list of commands]
command.crafttweaker.crafttweaker /crafttweaker biomeTypes | biomes | blockinfo | blocks | botania | botbrews | botlexcats | botlexentries | botlexpages | botlextypes | botorechid | bugs | chiselGroups | conflict | copy | discord | docs | dumpzs | enchants | entities | foods | give | hand | help | ieMultiBlocks | inventory | jeiCategories | json | liquids | log | mods | names | nbt | oredict | potions | recipeNames | recipes | reload | scripts | seeds | syntax | ticmat | wiki | zslint
command.cyclopscore.capabilityproxy /capabilityproxy <config | version>
command.cyclopscore.cyclopscore /cyclopscore <ignite | debug | reloadresources | config | version | recursion>
command.cyclopscore.everlastingabilities /everlastingabilities <abilities | config | version>
command.debug /debug <start|stop>
command.deepresonance.drgen drgen <subcommand> <args> (try 'drgen help' for more info)
command.defaultgamemode /defaultgamemode <mode>
command.deop /deop <player>
command.difficulty /difficulty <new difficulty>
command.dimensionalcontrol.teleportdim teleportdim <text>
command.effect /effect <player> <effect> [seconds] [amplifier] [hideParticles]
/effect <player> clear
command.enchant /enchant <player> <enchantment ID> [level]
command.enderstorage.enderstorage.clear Provides ability to clear a users EnderStorage. Displays help for /EnderStorage commands.
command.entitydata /entitydata <entity> <dataTag>
command.execute /execute <entity> <x> <y> <z> <command>
/execute <entity> <x> <y> <z> detect <x> <y> <z> <block> <dataValue|-1|state|*> <command>
command.exnihilocreatio.enreloadconfig enreloadconfig
command.fill /fill <x1> <y1> <z1> <x2> <y2> <z2> <block> [dataValue|state] [oldBlockHandling] [dataTag]
command.forestry.forestry /forestry help
command.forge.dimensions Use /forge dimensions Use /forge entity list [filter] [dim] to get entity info that matches the optional filter.
command.forge.entity.list Use /forge entity list [filter] [dim] to get entity info that matches the optional filter.
command.forge.generate Use /forge gen <x> <y> <z> <chunkCount> [dimension] [interval] Use /forge dimensions Use /forge entity help for more information on entity subcommands. Use /forge gen <x> <y> <z> <chunkCount> [dimension] [interval] Use /forge setdim <entity> <dimension> [<x> <y> <z>] Use /forge tps [dimension] Use /forge track help for more information on tracking subcommands.
command.forge.setdimension Use /forge setdim <entity> <dimension> [<x> <y> <z>]
command.forge.tps Use /forge tps [dimension]
command.forge.track.entity commands.forge.tracking.entity.usage commands.forge.tracking.entity.usage Use /forge track reset <te|entity> Use /forge track start <te|entity> <duration> Use /forge track te
command.forge.track.reset Use /forge track reset <te|entity>
command.forge.track.start Use /forge track start <te|entity> <duration>
command.forge.track.te Use /forge track te
command.fp./dimension //dimension - return information aboud this Dimenson
//dimension <id> [target] - teleports the target to the dimension
command.fp.fp /fp <research> ...
command.fp.fpdebug fpdebug <research> /backup size /backup start [custom name] /backup time
command.ftbbackups.backup.size /backup size
command.ftbbackups.backup.start /backup start [custom name]
command.ftbbackups.backup.time /backup time
command.ftblib.my_settings /my_settings <config id> [value]
command.ftblib.reload /reload [*|domain:*|domain:id] /team create <id> [color] /team delete <team> /help [page|command name] /team join <team> /team kick <player> /team leave /team request_invite <team> /team settings <config id> [value] /team status <player> [set_status] /team transfer_ownership <player>
command.ftbutilities.back /back
command.ftbutilities.chunks.claim /chunks claim /help [page|command name]
command.ftbutilities.chunks.load /chunks load
command.ftbutilities.chunks.unclaim /chunks unclaim
command.ftbutilities.chunks.unclaim_all /chunks unclaim_all [dimension] [player]
command.ftbutilities.chunks.unclaim_everything /chunks unclaim_everything [dimension]
command.ftbutilities.chunks.unload /chunks unload [player]
command.ftbutilities.chunks.unload_all /chunks unload_all [dimension] [player]
command.ftbutilities.chunks.unload_everything /chunks unload_everything [dimension]
command.ftbutilities.delhome /delhome [home]
command.ftbutilities.delwarp /delwarp <warp> /fly
command.ftbutilities.god commands.god.usage
command.ftbutilities.heal /heal [player]
command.ftbutilities.home /home [list|list_all|home] [player]
command.ftbutilities.inv.disable_right_click commands.inv.disable_right_click.usage /help [page|command name]
command.ftbutilities.inv.view /inv view <player>
command.ftbutilities.kickme /kickme
command.ftbutilities.killall /killall [type] [dimension]
command.ftbutilities.leaderboards /leaderboards [id]
command.ftbutilities.mute /mute <player>
command.ftbutilities.nbtedit.entity /nbtedit entity <id> /help [page|command name]
command.ftbutilities.nbtedit.item /nbtedit item
command.ftbutilities.nbtedit.player /nbtedit player <player>
command.ftbutilities.nbtedit.tile /nbtedit tile <x> <y> <z>
command.ftbutilities.nick /nick <name...>
command.ftbutilities.ranks.add /ranks add <id> [parent]
command.ftbutilities.ranks.delete /ranks delete <rank>
command.ftbutilities.ranks.get /ranks get [player]
command.ftbutilities.ranks.get_permission /ranks get_permission <player> <permission> /help [page|command name]
command.ftbutilities.ranks.set /ranks set <player> <rank|none>
command.ftbutilities.ranks.set_permission /ranks set_permission <rank> <permission> <true|false|value|none>
command.ftbutilities.rec /rec
command.ftbutilities.rtp commands.rtp.usage
command.ftbutilities.sethome /sethome [home]
command.ftbutilities.setwarp /setwarp <warp> <player>|{<x> <y> <z> [dim]}
command.ftbutilities.shutdown /shutdown
command.ftbutilities.shutdown_time commands.shutdown_time.usage
command.ftbutilities.tpa /tpa <player>
command.ftbutilities.tpaccept /tpaccept <player>
command.ftbutilities.tpl /tpl (<x> <y> <z>) | ([who] <player>)
command.ftbutilities.trash_can /trash_can
command.ftbutilities.unmute /unmute <player>
command.ftbutilities.warp /warp <warp>
command.function /function <name> [if <selector>|unless <selector>]
command.gamemode /gamemode <mode> [player]
command.gamerule /gamerule <rule name> [value]
command.gamestages.gamestage.add /gamestage add player stage
command.gamestages.gamestage.check /gamestage check player stage
command.gamestages.gamestage.clear /gamestage clear player /gamestage info
command.gamestages.gamestage.mirror /gamestage mirror player1 player2
command.gamestages.gamestage.reloadfakes /gamestage reloadfakes
command.gamestages.gamestage.remove /gamestage remove player stage
command.gamestages.gamestage.transfer /gamestage transfer player1 player2
command.gendustry.dumpalleles dumpalleles
command.gendustry.givesample /givesample <species> <chromosome> <allele>
command.gendustry.givetemplate /givetemplate <uid>
command.give /give <player> <item> [amount] [data] [dataTag] /help [page|command name] /ie clearshaders [player name] /ie clearshaders [player name] Use "/ie mineral help" for more information /mineral get /mineral get /mineral list /mineral set <mineral name> (surround the name in <angle brackets> if it contains a space) /mineral setDepletion <depletion> /mineral list /mineral set <mineral name> (surround the name in <angle brackets> if it contains a space) /mineral setDepletion <depletion>
command.immersivepetroleum.ip /ip <help|reservoir>
command.incontrol.ctrldebug ctrldebug
command.incontrol.ctrlkill ctrlkill
command.incontrol.ctrlloadloot ctrlloadloot
command.incontrol.ctrlloadpotentialspawn ctrlloadpotentialspawn
command.incontrol.ctrlloadspawn ctrlloadspawn
command.incontrol.ctrlloadsummonaid ctrlloadsummonaid
command.incontrol.ctrlreload ctrlreload
command.incontrol.ctrlshowmobs ctrlshowmobs
command.journeymap.jtp /jtp <x y z dim>
command.justenoughdimensions.jed '/jed <debug | defaultgamemode | difficulty | dimbuilder | gamerule | list-loaded-dimensions | list-registered-dimensions | register | reload | setworldspawn | time | unload-empty-dimensions ['unload-chunks' to try to unload chunks] | unregister | unregister-remove | weather | worldborder> [dimension] ...'
command.justenoughdimensions.tpj '/tpj <to-entity>'
'/tpj <entity> <to-entity>'
'/tpj <dimensionId> [x y z] [yaw] [pitch]'
'/tpj <entity> <dimensionId> [x y z] [yaw] [pitch]'
command.kick /kick <player> [reason ...]
command.kill /kill [player|entity]
command.list /list
command.locate /locate <feature>
command.login_shield.lgs.setspawn commands.lgs.setspawn.usage
command.login_shield.lgs.sit commands.lgs.sit.usage
command.lostcities.lc_buildpart lc_buildpart <partname>
command.lostcities.lc_debug lc_debug
command.lostcities.lc_exportbuilding lc_exportbuilding <file> <floors>
command.lostcities.lc_exportpart lc_exportpart <file> <slices> /me <action ...> /mm-hand /mm-syntax
command.morpheus.morpheus /morpheus <alert : version> | /morpheus percent <percentage> | /morpheus disable <dimension number>
command.mputils.mpadmin </mpadmin, /mpa>
command.nutrition.nutrition /nutrition <get/set> <nutrient> <value>
command.op /op <player>
command.openblocks.flimflam flimflam <player> [<effect>]
command.openblocks.luck luck <player> [<amount>]
command.openblocks.ob_inventory ob_inventory store <player>
ob_inventory restore <player> <file without 'inventory-' and '.dat'>
ob_inventory spawn <file without 'inventory-' and '.dat'> [<sub_inventory
'main'>, [<index of item>]]
command.openmods.om_config_s om_config_s save <modid> OR om_config_s help <modid> <category> <name> OR om_config_s get <modid> <category> <name> OR om_config_s clear <modid> <category> <name> OR om_config_s set <modid> <category> <name> <value>... OR om_config_s append <modid> <category> <name> <value>... OR om_config_s remove <modid> <category> <name> <value>... OR om_config_s default <modid> <category> <name> <value>... OR
command.openmods.om_source_s om_source_s class <class name>
command.pardon /pardon <name>
command.pardon-ip /pardon-ip <address>
command.particle /particle <name> <x> <y> <z> <xd> <yd> <zd> <speed> [count] [mode] [player] [params]
command.playsound /playsound <sound> <source> <player> [x] [y] [z] [volume] [pitch] [minimumVolume]
command.primal.actual /actual <cmd> <player>
command.reccomplex.#& #& §r §e<1>§r...
command.reccomplex.#as #as §r §e<commands.parameters.entity>§r §e<commands.parameters.command>§r §e[args...]§r...
command.reccomplex.#biome #biome §r<§ehelp§r|§esearch§r|§etypes§r|§elist§r>
command.reccomplex.#cancel #cancel §r
command.reccomplex.#confirm #confirm §r
command.reccomplex.#copy #copy §r
command.reccomplex.#decorate #decorate §r §e[z1]§r §e[x1]§r §e[z2]§r §e[x2]§r --one --exp §e[null]§r
command.reccomplex.#delete #delete §r §e<file type>§r §e[resource expression]§r... --§bd§rirectory §e<directory>§r
command.reccomplex.#dimension #dimension §r<§ehelp§r|§etypes§r|§elist§r>
command.reccomplex.#edit #edit §r §e[structure]§r --from §e[structure]§r --id §e[export id]§r --§bd§rirectory §e[directory]§r
command.reccomplex.#eval #eval §r §e[dependency expression]§r
command.reccomplex.#export #export §r §e[copy structure]§r --id §e[export id]§r --§bd§rirectory §e[directory]§r
command.reccomplex.#fill #fill §r §e[commands.parameters.block]§r §e[source expression]§r... --§bm§retadata §e[metadata]§r --§bs§rhape §e[shape]§r --§bf§rlood §e[direction expression]§r
command.reccomplex.#gen #gen §r §e<structure>§r --§bm§rirror --§bs§relect --seed §e[seed]§r --§br§rotation §e[commands.parameters.rotation]§r --sugges§bt§r --gen §e[generation type id]§r -x §e[commands.parameters.x]§r -z §e[commands.parameters.z]§r --§bd§rimension §e[commands.parameters.dimension]§r
command.reccomplex.#import #import §r §e[structure]§r --§bm§rirror --§bs§relect --§br§rotation §e[commands.parameters.rotation]§r -x §e[commands.parameters.x]§r -y §e[commands.parameters.y]§r -z §e[commands.parameters.z]§r --§bd§rimension §e[commands.parameters.dimension]§r
command.reccomplex.#list #list §r §e[page]§r
command.reccomplex.#lookup #lookup §r §e[structure]§r
command.reccomplex.#map #map §r §e<resource expression|structure>§r §e[virtual command]§r §e[args...]§r... --§bn§rosave --§bd§rirectory §e[directory]§r
command.reccomplex.#move #move §r --§bm§rirror --§br§rotation §e[commands.parameters.rotation]§r --no§bs§relect --dupli§bc§rate --§bt§rimes §e[1]§r -x §e[commands.parameters.x]§r -y §e[commands.parameters.y]§r -z §e[commands.parameters.z]§r
command.reccomplex.#natural #natural §r<§ehelp§r|§efloor§r|§esmart§r|§espace§r>
command.reccomplex.#paste #paste §r --§bm§rirror --§bs§relect --seed §e[null]§r --§br§rotation §e[commands.parameters.rotation]§r -x §e[commands.parameters.x]§r -y §e[commands.parameters.y]§r -z §e[commands.parameters.z]§r --§bg§renerate
command.reccomplex.#preview #preview §r §e<type>§r
command.reccomplex.#property #property §r §e<key>§r §e<value>§r --§bs§rhape §e[shape]§r --exp §e[positioned block expression]§r
command.reccomplex.#reload #reload §r §e[level]§r
command.reccomplex.#reopen #reopen §r
command.reccomplex.#retro #retro §r --exp §e[resource expression: only generate these structures]§r --§bd§rimension §e[commands.parameters.dimension]§r
command.reccomplex.#sanity #sanity §r --silent --short
command.reccomplex.#schematic #schematic §r<§ehelp§r|§eimport§r|§econvert§r|§eexport§r>
command.reccomplex.#search #search §r §e[terms]§r... --§ba§rll --§bc§rontaining §e[block expression]§r --§bb§riome §e[biome id]§r --author §e[author]§r --maze §e[maze id]§r --list §e[structure list id]§r --§bd§rimension §e[dimension id]§r
command.reccomplex.#selection #selection §r<§ehelp§r|§eexpand§r|§eset§r|§eshrink§r|§eget§r|§ewand§r|§eclear§r|§ecrop§r>
command.reccomplex.#setbiome #setbiome §r §e[commands.parameters.biome]§r
command.reccomplex.#sight #sight §r<§eremember§r|§ehelp§r|§eforget§r|§echeck§r|§einfo§r>
command.reccomplex.#vanilla #vanilla §r<§ehelp§r|§egen§r|§echeck§r>
command.reccomplex.#visual #visual §r §e<type>§r §e<true|false>§r
command.reccomplex.#whatisthis #whatisthis §r §e[commands.parameters.x]§r §e[commands.parameters.y]§r §e[commands.parameters.z]§r
command.reccomplex.#write #write §r §e<file type>§r §e[resource expression]§r... --§bd§rirectory §e[directory]§r
command.recipe /recipe <give|take> [player] <name|*>
command.refinedstorage.createdisk /createdisk <player> <item> <metadata> <id>
command.replaceitem /replaceitem <entity|block> ...
command.rftools.rftcfg rftcfg <subcommand> <args> (try 'rftcfg help' for more info)
command.rftools.rftdb rftdb <subcommand> <args> (try 'rftdb help' for more info)
command.rftools.rftshape rftshape <subcommand> <args> (try 'rftshape help' for more info)
command.rftools.rfttp rfttp <subcommand> <args> (try 'rfttp help' for more info)
command.rpreload /rpreload /save-all [flush] /save-off /save-on
command.say /say <message ...>
command.scavenge.scavenge /scavenge Allows to reload the files
command.scoreboard /scoreboard <objectives|players|teams> ...
command.seed /seed
command.setblock /setblock <x> <y> <z> <block> [dataValue|state] [oldBlockHandling] [dataTag]
command.setidletimeout /setidletimeout <minutes>
command.setworldspawn /setworldspawn [<x> <y> <z>]
command.spawnpoint /spawnpoint [player] [<x> <y> <z>]
command.spreadplayers /spreadplayers <x> <z> <spreadDistance> <maxRange> <respectTeams true|false> <player ...>
command.stats /stats <entity|block> ...
command.stop /stop
command.stopsound /stopsound <player> [source] [sound]
command.storagedrawers.storagedrawers commands.storagedrawers.usage
command.summon /summon <entityname> [x] [y] [z] [dataTag]
command.teleport /teleport <entity> <x> <y> <z> [<y-rot> <x-rot>]
command.tell /tell <player> <private message ...>
command.tellraw /tellraw <player> <raw json message>
command.terraqueous.repairstormforge repairStormForge me
repairStormForge at x y z <d><br>'me' uses the players location, 'at' uses the provided location<br>x, y, & z can be any of the blocks making the vault<br>d is optional, it is the dimension; defaults to sending players current, or 0 if server sent
command.testfor /testfor <player> [dataTag]
command.testforblock /testforblock <x> <y> <z> <block> [dataValue|-1|state|*] [dataTag]
command.testforblocks /testforblocks <x1> <y1> <z1> <x2> <y2> <z2> <x> <y> <z> [mode]
command.tickprofiler.dump Usage: /dump x y z [world=currentworld]
command.tickprofiler.profile Usage: COUNT_ENTITIES: /profile c worlds=c elements=10 output=commandsender ENTITIES: /profile e time=e worlds=all elements=5 chunk=all output=commandsender PACKETS: /profile p time=p elements=5 output=commandsender UTILISATION: /profile u time=u elements=5 output=commandsender LOCK_CONTENTION: /profile l time=l elements=5 interval_ms=23 output=commandsender LAG_SPIKE_DETECTOR: /profile s time=s output=commandsender
command.tickprofiler.tps Usage: /tps
command.time /time <set|add|query> <value>
command.title /title <player> title|subtitle|actionbar|clear|reset|times ...
command.toggledownfall /toggledownfall
command.tombmanygraves.tmg_drop tmg_drop <player> <timestamp or latest> [receiving player]
command.tombmanygraves.tmg_friends tmg_friends [add/remove/list] [player]
command.tombmanygraves.tmg_getdeathlist tmg_getDeathList [player] <timestamp or latest>
command.tombmanygraves.tmg_pop_grave tmg_pop_grave [x] [y] [z]
command.tombmanygraves.tmg_restore tmg_restore <player> <timestamp or latest> [receiving player]
command.tombmanygraves.tmg_steal tmg_steal [x] [y] [z]
command.tombmanygraves.tmg_toggle_grave_pos tmg_toggle_grave_pos
command.tombmanygraves.tmg_toggle_render tmg_toggle_render
command.topaddons.tophelmet /tophelmet blacklist <add/remove> /tp [target player] <destination player>
/tp [target player] <x> <y> <z> [<yaw> <pitch>]
command.trigger /trigger <objective> <add|set> <value>
command.valkyrielib.removeowner valkyrielib.removeowner
command.waterstrainer.waterstrainerreload /waterstrainerreload /weather <clear|rain|thunder> [duration in seconds]
command.whitelist /whitelist <on|off|list|add|remove|reload> Use /woot dev debug {[!]event|show|list}. Use /woot dev power <bool>.
command.woot.woot.dump.learning Use /woot dump learning
command.woot.woot.dump.loot Not implemented
command.woot.woot.dump.mobs Use /woot dump mobs
command.woot.woot.dump.policy Use /woot dump policy {int|ext} <mob|item>
command.woot.woot.dump.structure Use /woot dump structure
command.woot.woot.dump.tartarus Use /woot dump tartarus
command.worldborder /worldborder <set|center|damage|warning|get|add> ...
command.xnet.xnetcheck xnetcheck
command.xnet.xnetdump xnetdump
command.xnet.xnetrebuild xnetrebuild
command.xp /xp <amount> [player]
/xp <amount>L [player]